Connecticut Precision Castings, Inc.

  • "CPC Plant"
  • "CPC Plant"

Our Mission

To supply our customers with product that they can rely on, and in turn pass on superior castings to their end market. To provide a clean, friendly, reliable work environment for our employees and community.

History of CPC

Connecticut Precision Casting, Inc. was founded in Southington, CT in 1986 by Ron Morello, Sr. and Ron Morello, Jr. In 1992 they moved their operation from Connecticut to Claremont, NH to lower their operating costs and move into the country, where life is less hectic. The first 15 years the company maintained a slow, steady growth when Ron Jr. purchased the company from his father in 2001. With a new focus on growth, the company continued to expand its customer base as well as expand its building capacity over the next 15 years. Some of the growth has been in developing our in house capabilities with the addition of CNC Vertical Machining Centers and the continuous upgrades of existing equipment with a focus on manufacturing efficiency that can be passed on to economical parts for our customers.

Connecticut Precision Castings manufactures zinc die-castings that are used throughout several different industries such as automotive, electronic, gun manufacturing and general manufacturing. More specifically, we produce various pieces of hardware for the hand tool industry, boat hardware, firearms components and electric motor housings. Our parts range in size from a tenth of an ounce up to 14 ounces in weight and up to 40 square inches in die surface area.

CPC also offers additional in-house and outside secondary services. We offer in-house services of drilling, tapping, machining, vibratory tumbling and light assembly. We can also provide additional outside services such as powder coating, e-coating, various forms of plating and independent third party inspection. We offer design and engineering services with all the major CAD tools, such as AutoCad, Cadkey, Solidworks.